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Cap'n Mac and Ol' Countdown

Cap'n Mac began "Barnstorming" over 40 years ago as a parachute jumper with Richard Bach's "Great American Flying Circus".  After several summers flying in the Circus Mac participated as a Pilot & Jumper in the filming of "Nothing by Chance", a feature length documentary movie chronicling gypsy pilots recreating the Barnstorming era & lifestyle in modern Midwest America.  In the years following Mac continued flying & spent a good part of every summer hopping rides in his own TravelAir Biplane.  Flying over 9,000 hours to date the good Captain has shared the joys of open cockpit flying and the beauty of these Northwest Skys with over 18,000 passengers.  His lovely wife Roni, herself a pilot, helps with the operation and passenger relations.  

The TravelAir 4000 Biplane you'll be flying in is a rare survivor of the Golden Age of Flight.  Built in 1927 by the TravelAir Aircraft Company, it was founded by Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna, and Lloyd Stearman (some great aeronautical DNA there).  A strong, powerful aircraft this model survived obsolescence as the preferred aircraft of the infant pre-and-post WWII aerial applicator industry.  "Crop Dusters" needed sturdy, maneuverable machines that could haul a load and converted TravelAirs fulfilled this requirement.  During its heyday in the 1950's with the excitement of the "Space Race" and dramatic televised rocket launchings, preceded by the unforgettable "5,4,3,2,1 . . BLASTOFF!", crop duster pilots christened the plane "Ol' Countdown!" due to its unique registration number. . . NC4321.


     Cap'n Mac and Roni first met during a scenic flight in this very Biplane many years ago.  We have owned and flown the aircraft for over 40 years now, restoring it originally from its crop duster incarnation back to it's authentic & historical 3 passenger configuration, and again just recently, to keep her proud and reliable.  Now, it's your turn to blastoff with Capn' Mac & Ol' Countdown into the awesome scenic beauty of these incredible San Juan Islands.

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